Online Tools for Glass Fusers

Firing Schedules

There is no substitute for understanding glass firing schedules if you want to be successful with fused glass.

Still, these schedules are a great place to start - and (because they are very conservative) should work well for the most common glass firings.


Casting Calculator

A glass casting can be ruined by using too much - or too little - glass. Those kind of mistakes are expensive in both materials and time.

Our casting calculator helps you figure out how much glass to use based on a choice of inputs.

Pot Drop Calculator

Everybody loves pot drops!  Use this easy calculator to figure out just how much glass to put in the pot.

The calculator will solve for any of the following when provided with the other two pieces of information: finished piece size, thickness, weight.

Excel Glass Firing Calculator

Excel Firing Calculator

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is a great way to record your schedules and know in advance when the firing will complete.

Requires Microsoft Excel.