Quick and Sturdy Glass Hanging Option

One of constant challenges that fused glass artists face is how to hang work intended for the wall. There are lots of good options available for purchase. French cleats attached with Dow Corning 995 is a popular option, especially for large and heavy work. Hang-Your-Glass is also an excellent choice (but a bit pricey).

For small to medium sized work, here’s a way to hang it using some UV glue, a scrap of 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick glass, and some stiff wire.

As shown above, the glass has two grooves cut with a wet tile saw. If a saw isn’t available, sandcarving is also an option.

Bend the wire into the shape shown in the first image. Fit the two “legs” into the two grooves and use UV glue to attach the clear block to the piece being hung. The UV glue can be cured in direct sunshine in just a few minutes.

Make sure to include the short bends of wire at the ends (the “feet”) to prevent the wire from sliding out. As mentioned above, the wire needs to be stiff. Heavy gauge high temperature wire works well.

Once the adhesive is cured, the work is ready to hang!

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