Glass Casting Calculator

Glass Casting Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much glass (by weight) is needed for a specific casting. See below for help.

Enter volume  

Glass required for 0 cubic inches:
Soda-lime*:0lbs, 0ozs0.00kg
Borosilicate:0lbs, 0ozs0.00kg
Gaffer Casting:0lbs, 0ozs0.00kg

*Soda-lime glass includes most Bullseye, Spectrum,  Uroboros, float and batch glass.


Tips on Determining Volume

There are two ways to use this calculator.

Method 1:  Enter the weight of the water or wax required to fill your casting mold. You may select ounces or grams above.

If your mold is for a lost wax casting, you used microcrystalline wax, and if you weighed the available wax before making your object, you can weigh the remaining wax to determine how much was consumed by the object. Since microcrystalline wax has the same specific gravity as water you can enter that weight for the water options above.

If your object was constructed from clay, you can use displacement to determine the volume of water that would occupy the same space.

Method 2:  Enter the volume of the space in your mold. You may enter either cubic inches or cubic centimeters.

Depending on your project, you may be able to determine approximate volume by measuring height, width, and length. If your object is highly irregular in shape, you can determine volume by filling the mold with rice, transferring the rice to a box, and measuring the height, width, and length of the space occupied by the rice.


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