Fused Glass “Puddles”

Fused Glass “Puddles”

What’s a “puddle”?

Component making is a big part of working with fused glass.  Pot melts, pattern bars, and powder wafers are just a few of the things we make that become parts of bigger projects This tutorial shows you one of the easiest to make and most useful components, something we call “puddles”.*

The technique takes advantage of two of the most important glass properties:

1) Surface Tension:

When glass melts it seeks a height of 6 mm (1/4 inch).  You can thank surface tension for that. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface_tension)

2) Gradual Melting

As glass is heated, it metls – and softens – gradually. This allows glass to fuse together without colors mixing completely (the way ice cubes made from colored water would mix if allowed to melt together in a drinking glass).

All you need for this tutorial are some small pieces of sheet glass, your kiln, and some glass breaking tools. A hammer and mosaic nippers are also useful.

Let’s get started!

* Don’t walk into your local studio and start talking about making puddles unless you want to be shown the way to the restroom.  “Puddles” is a name that originated in our studio in Austin, Texas.  For better or worse, the name stuck.

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