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Fold-Over Pendant Tutorial

Xanax Xr Online - Order Xanax Online Overnight Shipping

Ask any group of jewelry fusers what glue is best for attaching metal bails to glass and you are certain to hear a variety of opinions – often contradictory.

An alternative to glued-on bails is to fold the top of the glass pendant to create the channel for your cord or chain. These “fold-over” pendants┬ácan be┬áboth unique and elegant – and you never have to worry about a glue failure sending your glass crashing to the ground.

Here are some examples of fold-over pendants:

Finished Pendants.

This technique is accomplished without special tools and it does not require you to manipulate hot glass.

If it sounds difficult don’t worry – it is exceptionally easy once you know how.

Are you ready to learn how to make fold-over pendants? Just click the link to step 1 below.

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