Firing Schedules

Below you will find some basic (and conservative) schedules for common fused glass firings. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

It is very important that you read the assumptions for each schedule.

We also recommend that you take advantage of the segment-by-segment notes that explain each step and suggest when you may want to change the rates and temperatures to meet your specific circumstances.

Firing Type 1 layer
2 layers
3 layers
4 layers
Full Fuse
Soft Fuse
Tack Fuse / Fire Polish
Slump (10" bowl)
1" Pattern Bar
Pot Drop or Wire Mesh Melt
Freeze 'n Fuse

Kiln Carving

Thank you!

Thanks for posting these schedules online, they are a wonderful starting point for those of us kiln challanged ;o)


Thanks very much for these,

Thanks very much for these, they are very usefull.

Would you mind of I sent you copies of these converted to Centigrade to post as that is what we use over in the UK and Europe.

Thanks again.


Great information


I printed the firing schedules. Here my journey begins. I work with moretti (effetre) glass at a

104 coe. I am sure I will be adjusting the time alittle. Thank you for the schedules!

firing schedules


this is a great resource! especially for a newbie like me.

Firing Temperatures

Thank you for putting these firing schedules in this column, for a new person starting out with her own kiln finally, I look forward to trying them out.

Cheers! Jenny...Laughing

Fire Schedules

    Thanks for the fire schedules. I was searching the net high and low. This has made it a lot eaiser for a newbie.

                                                                                          With Appreication,


Firing Schedules

Now in my 2nd year  of fusing. First time I have heard of 'soft fuse'. There are 30 of us in this studio (all seniors) & we only ever Full, Partial(Tack) or slump. Need to try it but on what?


Thank u for your gracious technical breakdown of how to read the codes for fusing.  I want to make items to sell for a cure for cancer, donote to finish works to St. Judes and I am so happy that u were there.  When I know what I am doing - I will post my experience. 

draping fire schedule

I don't see a firing schedule for draping glass.  Would it be similar to pot melts?

Acrobat Error messages with-ptrn bar, pot drop, freeze,and kiln

I could download all the fusing schedules except for the speciality PDFs at the bottom. When I click on them I get a blank page and error message from acrobat (acrobat pro). Is everyone able to download these "speciality" schedules at the bottom such as pattern bar?

Firing schedules in Centigrade

Hi, I'm based in Scotland and just bought a Paragon Fusion 7.  Did you ever convert these schedules in to Centigrade?  If so, I'd love to obtain them from you!

Lorraine/Joliverre Glass

Firing schedules

Hi a Scot based in Seattle I thought I might help. Basically an easy way but not too accurate is to subtract 32 from ℉ then divide by 2. So say 70℉ -32 /2 =19℃. The most accurate is to ask Google. I'm sure you may know this but just ask Google to 'convert 1200F to centigrade' & voila! The formula if you want to do one in a spreadsheet then convert any table of temps is ℉-32 5/9 ie 70-32 x 5/9=21.11℃ so you see the inaccuracy of the easy way.

1200℉ easy way = 584℃ but accurate way 1200℉-32x5/9 = 649℃ a big diff.

Hope I got the maths right but check with a calc or in a spreadsheet. If you are really stuck email me & I will do a little spreadsheet for you & email it back.


p.s. Where in Scotland?



Converting temps

Lorraine I forgot to include this link

At the bottom of the page you can enter any temp in any scale & it converts it. Don't bother downloading pdf conversion tables the only cover the ambient range, no use for kilns.

Temperature Conversions

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your helpful advice.  The temp. conversion link is exactly what I'm looking for.  Did a test fire in the new kiln - a complete fail.  So for the next one I upped the target temp. and extended the hold time for a full fuse and it worked a treat.  The cabs are beautiful, I'm really pleased with them.  It's going to be hard parting with my very first set!  Anyway, I live in a little village called Dollar, in Clackmannanshire, been in the UK for about 23 years but am originally a South African from Durban. Many thanks again for your help.

Lorraine/Joliverre Glass


Hi Lorraine...know Dollar well. I come from Lenzie so not too far to the Hillfoots. many friends up there from Bridge of Allan to Kinross. We came here to USA just 3 years ago & I am part of a studio of over 20 seniors who fuse! Of course Spectrum is only 5 miles away & Bullseye in Portland about 3 hours so glass supply not a problem. BTW a visit to Bullseye to what they call the bullpen where they keep the curios glass sheets & discounted seconds is a must on any fuser list.

a' the best


Manual Controller - Holding Times

I have a manual controller on my kiln and have never figured out how to maintain a constant temperature for a long hold.  Do you have any tips for me?



firing schedules

Thank you for making these available - believe it or not this kind of info is not easy to find!


draping glass

Draping glass is similar to slumping...same range, just over a form instead of into one. The mold material is relevant of course. Be careful of the expansion charactaristics of the mold to ensure removability of the glass without damage to it or the mold. You also to need to observe the drape to control the shape of the glass.

Cynthia Ann Swan, Terra Pax Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Soft Fuse?

I was looking at your Firing Schedules and would like to know what a Soft Fuse is.  I know about tack fusing, full fusing and fire polishing but not Soft Fuse.


I have a paragon express

I have a paragon express 1193 which does both ceramics and glass. Side elements only. Would these schedules work for my kiln or how much would I slow them down?

Mucho thanks for these

Mucho thanks for these firing schedules. It gives me a great reference point!

Fire polish schedule for fossil glass project?

What do you recommend?

Fire polish

What is fossil glass? Do you intend fire polishing with fine frit or Fuse Master product?

Firing schedules

In the 1/2 inch thick slump schedule you assume 4 layers of 1/8 to achieve 1/2" thick but in the full fuse you assume three layers 1/8 to achieve the same 1/2. How does this compute?  The initial segment in the slump is extremely slow at 50 but for the fuse is 300. Why the difference as they are both bringing the glass to 900? Vastly different time to achieve the same result.

drop rings

Do you have firing schedules for drop rings.  I'm wanting to drop something 1/2" thick.

manual controĺler

Hi. Was there a response for this? I am having a issues with holding time as well.


Thanks again for the schedules.  I have found them to be so very helpful.  I just came back for a couple more.


Need some professional advice, smile

Just attempted my first slumping projects - single pieces of glass. Did OK but the edges are not soft and sweet. Kinda sharp like a tack fuse. Help!


thanks for shaing..these are

thanks for shaing..these are exactly what i was lookign for in order to finish up my research and move on to write my essay on glass manufactures and their impact on the worlds economy

fusing Schedules

Thank you for making these schedules available. I am fairly new at fusing and still have lots to learn.

Judy from Perth, Ontario Canada


Fuse scheduling.

Terri. I'm new at learning schedules in my new paragon oval 1013, with 2.0 sentry controller. I was using a an old paragon cone kiln. So when in the segments it has AFAP or 9999. I realized the as fast as possible but not sure what the 9999 is meaning. Thanks for any help

Profusion 16 Kiln owners

are you firepolishing with your kiln?  Do you find that you need to use less heat or less time, as the elements are all in the top and not all around?

9999 means that when you put

9999 means that when you put 9999 into the program, that it will go to the next segment as fast as your kiln can go.


I've never slumped just one

I've never slumped just one layer of glass.  I know when I slump two layers it has already rounded on the edges.

Full fuse balls?

Ricki Boyer

I am wondering what kind of fuse schedule I could use to fire small pieces to make balls. Not sure if

I need a reg full fuse schedule. Thoughts??

I am not sure I understand

I am not sure I understand the difference between soft fuse and tack fuse.  Can you please explain the difference tome?

Leslie Hart

I am not sure I understand

I am not sure I understand the difference between soft fuse and tack fuse.  Can you please explain the difference tome?

Leslie Hart

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