Excel Glass Firing Calculator

At the bottom of this page is a link to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for your kiln-glass firing schedules.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Plan your schedule segments (ramps and holds)
  • Estimate how long each segment will take
  • Estimate when a segment will reach a target temperature
  • Estimate the total time for the entire firing
  • Add notes and pictures

The schedule automatically recognizes if you enter a temperature rate change (*ramp) that exceeds what the kiln can achieve (based on the values you enter on the "Max Ramp" tab).

If you enter an unachievable rate (up or down), the schedule will highlight the cell in orange AND use the maximum possible rate to determine segment duration. This should yield considerably better estimations for segment and schedule completion times.

Best of all, this spreadsheet is free.  It requires that you own or have access to Microsoft Excel.



This software is provided "as is", without warranty, and with all faults.

This software is intended to estimate firing schedules and may, through a lack of precision and/or due to defect, provide grossly inaccurate data. You are ultimately responsible for determining your firing schedule.

Kilns should never be left to run unattended.

I agree to the above and wish to download the software.

Version for MS Excel
Versions 97 - 2003

Version for MS Excel
Versions 2007


Problems Using Spreadsheet

I think this is a very usefull tool but am having some trouble in using the Max Ramp portion of the spreadsheet. If I understand the spreadsheet instructions correctly, I should tailor this screen to match my kilns behaviour. The instructions say to enter "1000 in cell B6" , however cell B6 is a locked cell, as it appears are all of the cells showing black values. Am I understanding this incorrectly or is there an error in the spreadsheet?

How about a spot to add a

How about a spot to add a picture (maybe even before and after) of the glass. There's plenty ogf room on ther even for it to print out on an 8.5x11.

Steve Worcester


Now it's April 2010. Was

Now it's April 2010. Was there ever an answer to this post. I too find the explanation of MAX ramp rate confusing & the sheet is Locked so no entry is allowed. Maybe it just a look up so eg if your kiln is at 700 the max up ramp is 1300 & down 220. That kind of makes sense but is it right?

excel tool

I'm sorry, but I must be stupid.  How do you open the spread sheet?  Any of the files I click on open a web page with HTML code.  I do have excel (2010).  I tried every thing.  Well, not everything or I would have gotten the thing to work!!


K. George

Excel sheet

I am at a loss to help without a bit more explanation.

1st with I will assume you have downloaded the right file There are 2 versions. One for the very old Excel & the one on the right for most Excels after 2004 or thereabouts.

2nd If you have the file in your downloads folder & have it should open in Excel without trouble.

I have a feeling if you have an HTML file then you are not downloading the right thing. The right hand download is file called glass_firing_schedule.xlsx. Note the file extension its Excel's file extension. If you do not have that or an xls file you have not downloaded the right thing. When replying I cannot see the download page so this is from memory

Reply #2

Below is the download for the Firing Schedule spreadsheet. Clicking on Version for MS Excel 2007 downloads an xlxs file. The one on the left an xls file. Frankly the 2007 one can be opened with most any of the Excel progs. Please tell me what the exact name of the file is you have downloaded.


I agree to the above and wish to download the software.

Version for MS Excel
Versions 97 - 2003

Version for MS Excel
Versions 2007

Excel Firing Calculator

I agree with the other posts -- there is not a useable Excel.xls file in the extractions.  Could you provide an updated extraction and let me know when it is available.  Thanks.  Patricia

My excel firing calculator download works well

I just downloaded the 2003 version and it works well. I have a 2008 Acer IBM with Vista and a 2003 Microsoft Office program. I tried the 2007 version first, but it could not be editednwith my excel program. You can post pictures with the 2003 version,  too. See the bottom of the sheet and click the photos tab. Hope this helps.


Cynthia Ann Swan, Terra Pax Studio, Los Angeles, CA

excel firing calculator download

I just posted this in the general forum, but wanted to be sure you saw it. Hope it works for you, too!

I just downloaded the 2003 version and it works well. I have a 2008 Acer IBM with Vista and a 2003 Microsoft Office program. I tried the 2007 version first, but it could not be edited with my excel program. You can post pictures with the 2003 version,  too. See the bottom of the sheet and click the photos tab. Hope this helps.



Cynthia Ann Swan, Terra Pax Studio, Los Angeles, CA

found it!  

found it!


Firing estimate worksheet

The spreadsheet works great in Open Office.org.  Thanks!





I love the spreadsheet.  I can organize my time and projects with ease.  Thank you for this fine tool.  I also used OpenOffice.org.

Excel fusing calculator

I have used this calculator for a number of years and it has been extremely useful.  I use the original version for Excell 97-2003 with great results.  Now that I have Excel 2007 I will be using that version. I especially love the clock times that it gives you.  My kiln is in my (unheated) garage and I do a lot of my design and layout work in the house.  Using this calculator i know when I need to come out and check the kiln when near or at process temp.  This is especially nice in the winter here in NE Ohio.

It seems that several people are having problems with the 3rd worksheet for the Max Ramp values.  All that it takes is a little Excel experience to resolve this.  It appears that the instructions were written for the table, then, some time before it was published, Col "A" was inserted into the table for readability.  This then pushed the values that were in col "B" into col "C" and Col "C" values into col "D".  So, just substitute "C" for "B" and "D" for "C" in the instructions.  Or just refer to the col headings "Up" or "Down" to find the proper column.

I have a particular problem when programming my kiln.  It uses an old Rampmaster.  The programming sequence has two values reversed and it always makes me crazy when programming.  Instead of going Ramp, Temp, Hold, it goes Ramp, Hold, Temp.  The hold and temp sequence being reversed.  Strains the brain since almost ALL firing schedules from ALL sources go Ramp, Temp, Hold.

I am going to try to rework the spreadsheet to:

  1. Reverse the Temp./Hold columns to match my oddball kiln
  2. Since I have a 55 step controller with numerous programs already loaded, I intend to add another column after the segment column to relate to my stored programs.  For instance, my 2 layer slump program begins at segment 17 of the 55 segments available so I know that I start at 17 when doing a 2 layer slump.
  3. Add another comment field at the top to indicate that this is the "2 Layer Slump" program.
  4. I then make a copy of this spreadsheet, make any adjustments to the program that are needed for this particular firing and then can keep accurate notes, plus pictures on that copy of the spreadsheet.

Hope this helps/works Surprised



Loved it! Could we get a scroll bar?

Chester found the calculator and we tried it for the first time today, it is really great and certainly works! He had set up a test fire and discovered that the calculator was spot on.  I added Comments and discovered I had more comments than the comment box allowed. Would it be possible to make the comments section larger and have a scroll bar?

The photos section is good, great to put in the post fire shots. It would be handy to have a before and after page for photos, we did add another page for after shots.

Thanks Paul, it is so good to have something to start with for keeping track of firing! Way better than writing down all those times in a notebook! What the heck was I thinking?


excel spread sheet

I have a Mac and no Excel - can this work on a Mac version of Excel? If so, I would buy that and use it.

Excel Spread Sheet

It works with a Mac. My version of Excel is from 2004 so the 2003 will work. Later versions can use the 2007. My questions is, what is the passwork to unprotect the last few entries?


The 2007 version works on my Mac, not the 2003.

changing the temp from F to C

this is a wicked bit of software, but i need it to be in celsius any ideas ?

Firing Schedule Log

I used this firing log years ago with great success. I have now opened it on a newer MAC computer as well as downloaded it again from you. On both, the cells are locked and "requires a password" to unlock them in order to enter in new data. Password please?

spread sheets, not compablity with office 365

I love the spreadsheet, but it has problems when opened in office  2013/365, It would be great if you could make  a now one that works better with the new versions of excel. (the problem seems to be with a conditional in a macro).

On a seperate topic it also be good if we had an unprotected version.


i am also having this

i am also having this problem. i am to write my paper on glassware and i need to do some calculations but i have microsoft ofice online installed and this spread sheet doesn't seem to open. indeed, that'd be great if you updated this one so that it can be compatible with the latest microsft office excel version

I guess this is the really

I guess this is the really useful tool but am having some difficulty in using If I follow the spreadsheet guidance,  I should read this post to correct my errors. I'm a writer Best Assignment ServiceWe are always ready to provide the best professional assistance online.

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