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Our privacy policy is simple:

We promise not to knowingly share any personal information (including name, email address, etc.) with any third party.

We are not responsible for any disclosure of personal information, or the result of disclosure of personal information, that happens as the result of malicious actions by another party or due to an honest error on our part.  Most other sites you visit say the same thing — they just bury it in the umpteenth paragraph of microprint legal jargon.

You may use this site anonymously OR you may choose to log in (“authenticate”) with a free account.  Anonymous accounts have reduced functionality (cannot post to forums, etc.).  If you choose to create an account then you agree that we can send you an occasional email.

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We DO NOT provide these advertisers with any information about you but they may be able to determine information about you based on other sites you may have visited where they also provide advertising.

Terms of Service

We do our best to a maintain a friendly, educational resource. We ask that you do the same. We reserve the right to block any individual that, in our sole discretion, doesn’t that standard. We may add, remove, or change rules at any time.

At no time will the owners or operators of this website be responsible for the information on this website or the results of relying on the information on this website, regardless of if the information was authored by the site operators or a community member.

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