Mica Paint and Spray Medium

mica bowlColorful mica powders are available from most fused glass suppliers and many of the stamping micas available at craft stores (like Michael’s in the US) will work on glass and hold their color even at fusing temperatures.

The best way to apply micas is to mix them in a liquid medium.  This very simple mixture works great.


  • mica powder
  • Bullseye Glastac or other clean burning glass glue
  • rubbing alchohol


  • All ratios below are by volume (not weight).
  • The exact proportions for the ingredients will vary depending on how you intend to use the mixed mica. Fortunately, precision isn’t necessary here.
  • For spraying with an airbrush or mouth atomizer use 1 parts mica, 1 part Glastac, and 3 parts alchohol.  If you find your airbrush clogs frequently try thinning with additional alchohol.
  • For painting with a brush use 2 parts mica, 1 part Glastac, and 1 part alchohol.
  • For best mixing, close container and shake vigorously.


  • Use  this mixture as you would any other paint.
  • Mica will settle quickly.  Mix frequently.
  • Fire to fire-polishing temperature with little or no hold.  In most kilns this is about 1325° F.
  • Mica does not melt – only the mica touching the glass will “stick” after fusing.  After the glass has been fired a cooled you will be able to rinse much of the mica down the drain — that is normal.