Final Design Setup

As you did with the first pass, re-arrange the bars and fuse them back into a slab.  This time, though, you can add some visual interest to the piece by including a small window.   Here’s a photo of the work being assembled:

Our final layout - with a fused glass window!

Since the bars are 3/8 inch tall, the window will need to be made from three standard 1/8 inch thick layers of glass to ensure everything is the same height.  Also, note the green strips used to frame the window – this not only looks good, it will keep the design crisp when it fuses.

Here’s the final setup, ready to be dammed and fired:

Ready to be dammed and fired.

Fuse the glass using the same schedule in the previous firing.

We’re almost done.  Click the “Coldwork And Slump” link below for the final steps.