Step 1: What You’ll Need

The materials required for Fossil Vitra will be readily available in most kilnformed glass studios.  A broad palette of colored powders is extremely useful here so we’ll be using Bullseye compatible glass. You will need:

•  Plant leaves.  Leaves that lay flat are ideal.  Fern leaves provide great results.   Plant leaves on branches that are no more than 1/8th inch thick also work very well.

•  Sheet glass.  For this tutorial we will be working with an 8 inch circle of black glass and making a simple bowl.

•  Glass powders.  A combination of opaque and transparent powders will be used to allow for depth.  We are going to stay true to the natural palette for leaves and use mostly greens and browns.

•  Fiber paper (1/8th inch thick).   This needs to be slightly larger than the piece of sheet glass.

•  Hairspray – the cheaper the better.  White Rain and Aqua Net both work great.  Do yourself a favor and stick to the unscented.

•  Powder sifter(s).  It is good to have a couple different sizes.


Fossil Vitra Materials


Any time you use glass powders you will want to protect your lungs. An appropriate respirator and HEPA vacuum are critical.  Remember that the finest glass particulates can hang in the air for hours.  Do not assume you can take off your respirator the moment you put your powders away.

In the next step, we will prepare the fiber and leaves.