Technical Tutorials

Understanding Firing Schedules

Understanding Glass Firing Schedules

Eventually, every glass fuser wants to create something with special firing requirements.  For many, the obstacle of not knowing how to fire the work can be very frustrating.

This tutorial teaches you to recognize and adapt when changes to your schedules are required.  Start the tutorial...

Avoid Thermal Shock

Understand & Avoid Thermal Shock

Few things can be as disheartening as the site of a project in pieces on the kiln shelf. There are a number of strategies for avoiding this common problem.

This tutorial shows you some of the most effective strategies for avoiding thermal shock. Start the tutorial...

His Glassworks Videos

Educational Videos from His Glassworks

We've partnered with our good friends at His Glassworks to showcase four of their great educational videos here on FusedGlass.Org.

Learn about glass saw blades, drilling glass, high-tech glass glue, and hand-grinding. Watch the videos...