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Kiln-Pressed Glass

Xanax Mexico Online - Xanax Online Flashback

Are you tired of typical, two and three layer fully fused glass art?

Have you have ever wished you could create the watercolor-like effects that are typical in blown glass – but seem impossible to achieve in fused glass?

If so, this unusual and original glass fusing tutorial is for you.

The technique is one we call “kiln-pressed glass” and it is something we’ve developed at Helios over the past year.  We doubt we’re the first to do what we describe, but we’ve never seen it discussed elsewhere and we are pretty sure that nobody else has documented and shared the technique before now.

Kiln-pressed glass is so full of potential that we want to share it so that we can see what others are able to create with it.   Here’s just one example of what’s possible.   It is the piece that we create with the tutorial:

Finished Kiln-Pressed Glass

To help you fully appreciate kiln-pressed glass, we’ll start with a brief review of how glass melts and why it is difficult to create thin fused glass objects.

Click the “Surface Tension” link below to start!

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