Learn About Fused Glass

What is fused glass?

What is Fused Glass?

Sometimes it is called "fused". Other times "kilnformed" or just "kiln-glass". Occasionally it is even called "warm glass" (though with tempertures often reaching 1500° we're not sure why).

Whatever you call it - here's a description of what it is.

Fused Glass Glossary

Fused Glass Glossary

Sometimes it seems that glass kilnformers have a language all of their own.

Well, they do. Sort of.

So next time someone in the forum says they made their piece of glass with an aperture pour, here's where you can go for the translation.

What tool is that?

What's That Tool?

From "lens cutters" to "linishers" to "lathes" - and a lot of other tools and equipment that don't all start with the letter "L" - here's a visual guide to all the tools you're likely to find in a well equipped glass kilnforming studio.

Fused Glass Recipes


There are some things that you simply have to buy ready-made. And there are some things you can make - often at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some tried-and-true recipes that are useful for the kilnformed glass artist.

Project Tutorials?

Project Tutorials

We are always adding to our library of some of the best, original step-by-step fused glass tutorials for projects and techniques that you'll find anywhere on the web.

Technical Tutorials?

Technical Tutorials

Face-to-face classes with qualified instructors is the best way to learn how to fuse glass. But that isn't always practical - and sometimes we just need a good refresher.

Here you'll find some of the best fused glass tutorials on the web.

Choosing a Fuesd Glass Class?

Choosing a Fused Glass Class

This chapter gives you some guidelines to help you choose a good studio to begin, or continue, your fused glass education.