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    Unfortunately, the crypto world has been quite fertile land for all kinds of scams, since it takes a lot of education on various topics, and the possibility of profiting at the expense of users is quite large. 

    This got to the point where many people came to regard (or even still consider) bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as scams, not knowing how to differentiate between unscrupulous initiatives and legitimate projects.

    Although cryptocurrencies are mostly used legally, they have also become attractive treasures for criminals, who are quite creative in setting all kinds of traps for unsuspecting owners.

    It is the simple exchange of cryptocurrencies directly between the parties involved, without the help of any trusted intermediary, such as a currency exchange. The success or failure of such an exchange depends, of course, on the circumstances and the parties involved.Exchange ads abound on social media and chat, offering to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with different payment methods. Some may be legitimate, but others will request that you send the funds first and they will disappear with them .

    bitcoin era review

     Therefore, when trading cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to resort to a reliable part. If you are not a friend or acquaintance, this does not necessarily have to be a money exchange as such: some groups develop a reputation system among their members and there are platforms like LocalBitcoins , which offer their own guarantee system, despite the fact that they are the same users who trade with each other.

    Along the same lines, it should be borne in mind that physical exchanges, such as buying bitcoin with cash, are especially risky. Thus, a couple of brothers in Dubai who tried to buy BTC in an alleged office, had $ 2 million taken from them in what ended up being an armed robbery.

    Fake money exchangeAlthough the exchange houses offer a highly demanded service, the truth is that they are centralized entities. Therefore, once you transfer your cryptocurrencies there, you should be aware that, from that moment, the platform has the ability to control those funds beyond you . And, if administrators want it, never return them.

    Bitcoin Era ( is a brutal Bitcoin brokerage scam ripping off any investor who signs up and deposits with them. BitcoinEra is purporting to guarantee a 99.4% level of accuracy when trading. This is another fraudulent broker simply out to cause malice within the Crypto Currency world. And this is why we conducted a thorough investigation regarding Bitcoin Era. Read this detailed and honest Bitcoin Era review to know the truth.

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