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    The grades have arrived and your son has not obtained the results you expected, it is normal but it makes you wonder if you should take any action . Sometimes the alarm does not always jump before a suspense, simply with lower results we can worry.

    What is more, if we are used to our son getting good grades and at the moment there is a problem, we may think that we are in time to tackle the problem before it goes further. 

    It is very normal to think that our son needs private lessons especially in GCSE or A Levels, where the pressure starts to get stronger and a little help never hurts. But perhaps it is best to weigh a few things before.  The British educational process is very complex and being parents gull of doubts , we want to make it a little easier for you and give you a series of tips on what we are most passionate about.

    Home school tutor

    A online private teacher will never hurt you, especially to learn study techniques. But we must know why we need you, and for that we must detect the problem that our son has. 

    Before you start looking and comparing prices and availabilities . We have to be able to identify if our child needs two different types of private classes :

    • General reinforcement : Very common, especially in primary education. It is simply a home teacher to help you with homework and homework. Very useful for children with concentration or compression problems. The guidelines of the classes mark them from school and in the afternoon they reinforce what has been learned. They are not usually of a certain subject, but simply help them in many things.

    • Of a certain subject : For students who have difficulties with subjects, for example History or Politics. They are those who need specific explanations, because they do not understand something or they cost some topics. These revision classes usually go in parallel with those of the school or institute but it is not necessary. The important thing is to reinforce learning and end results. It is very difficult to detect the reasons why someone gets bad results and they do not always have the same solution. Problems can have three roots :

    • Academic factors : In a class with many students, it is difficult to take into account those who have a different learning rhythm. So some reinforcement at home may be necessary in this case. 

    • Personal factors : Some health factors can be crucial at an early age. In addition, adolescence brings many complications outside the classroom that have an impact on them.

    • Social factors : It is important that you make sure that everything in your environment goes well. Family, friends, colleagues … are factors that greatly affect learning.

     For this reason, the first thing we have to do in the face of poor results and to find out if our child needs school reinforcement is to talk to the tutor and the teacher of the subject in question .

    The Oxfordshire History Teacher provides an online education in GCSE and A level history and politics. Our aim is to improve your critical thinking, enjoyment of learning and your grades. We also host an online philosophy symposium on Mondays, which is proving to be very popular. Lessons, tutorials and symposiums last for one hour and we use adobe connect. We are also happy to put you in contact with other online teachers in Maths and English.

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