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    Online newspapers like and news websites like in Nigeria are far superior to the printed versions. On line media provides the ability to publish multimedia content, including audio, video, and interactive graphics and photos. Many readers get great entertainment value from the ability to actually publish their own news pieces and article "talk backs" (on line reader opinion pieces).

    Even for news websites like in Nigeria that are not necessarily a news publication, digital publishing provides many similar advantages and benefits. Imagine a travel magazine where the readers can actually experience destinations via video, audio and interactive content such as 3D maps. Any specialty magazine can utilize the same digital technology, such as fashion, hobby and activity news websites like in Nigeria. Of course, the prior mentioned benefits regarding currency, reader interaction and relevancy all apply here as well.

    Then there are the business and financial advantages to publishing news websites like in Nigeria and newspapers digitally. There are no print run costs or physical distribution costs. It is definitely more "green" to digitally publish as you don’t use paper to print or fuel for delivery vehicles. There is a marketing advantage as well, as more and more readers are online more and more of the time. Your publication needs to be online to have effective visibility and accessibility. This is especially true with the rapidly growing use of hand held device that access the internet.

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