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    The term ‘SEO’ is an acronym to Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is an addition to any site with both quantity and quality content. Making the site escalate its position for better marketing and business outcomes. This entails making certain changes to the site which belts eye-catching design and content that is appealing which makes it more preferable to the search engine.

    seo agency lyon Contains Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Both these are just two complete different genres of optimizations, which is further bifurcated for their descriptions and processes. Though, both expand to serve the purpose for unique strategies and strategies to attain higher marketing position, but each contains its own perspective to attain the needful.

    Black Hat SEO:


    • Black Hat SEO follows unethical approaches to achieve a higher search position and also emphasizes search engine rules.

    • It mainly emphasises just on the various search engines rather than so much to individual audience or the clients in general.


    • Typically for people looking for quick returns on their site.


    • It is to be understood that this methodology doesn’t aim to get a long-term investment of those websites.

    • Bann from search engine as well as the e-indexed as a demonstration for using unethical mode of practise.

    Techniques used stuffing type of SEO include: key word scuffing, link farming, concealed texts and hyperlinks, and blog content spamming.

    White Style SEO:


    • White Hat SEO follow ethical and legal techniques to achieve a higher rank on search engines.

    • It mainly targets a person audience opposed to some hunt engine.long-lasting:

    • For those who focus on’long lasting’ of their website.

    • Qualitlegalized.

    Since, This method is a legalised method of enhancing one’s site; hence this technique doesn’t entail disadvantages in comparison to that of Black Hat SEO.

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