• Tracking Your Luggage with today’s technology: Trakdot


    /JULY 15, 2018

    Luggage Tracking with Trakdot

    My wife and I took a journey to Hawaii in 2016. This any special jaunt. We were taking my father who always wanted to go, but just never would quite possibly. It was even the first trip my wife and I were traveling with our…[Read more]

  • Tracking Elderly Alzheimer’s Patients Using GPS

    Mankind has a significantly longer lifespan than we used to compared to a century ago due to medical advancements along with the improving living requirements. The population of people over 60 is expected to increase from 12% to 22% of world population by the year 2050. For the first time in…[Read more]

  • Traveler Tracking: Where Are Your Travelers Right Now?

    Two weeks after Lucy Mosca was hired as FTI Consulting’s global travel manager last March, a Germanwings airplane en tactic to Barcelona crashed into a mountain in France, killing all 150 passengers. In the time, employees weren’t mandated to use FTI’s travel management company, BCD Flight.…[Read more]

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