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    Wow, this is fun.  I had to wait till morning for the kiln to cool.. My pieces came out great!

    They fully fused and beaded up like i thought they would.

    One surprise was that i thought i had all blue dichroic… but along with the blue i got some green and a great violet.

    I’d also like to try to fire and retain some angular shape to the cut pieces.  Im guessing i can do that by playing with the fusing temp/time. Am i right? I read about different levels of fusing…

    I think i will post pics, but at this point they look like any other fused dichroic, though uniqely colored.

    About PMC.. dont think id ever leave that behind, i work in a lot of mediums… but i can see where, though i started by wanting to mix glass with pmc, i can see where i can use glass alone.

    For one thing, it looks like making things like cabochons is fairly easy… if not time consuming in the kiln,  Really all you need to do is break some glass and stack it for that… Im sure it gets more complicated if you want to control the results though…  remember im a newbie…



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