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    Toy: A child’s favorite toy can be made into a lamp base. No longer played with toys to consider using as a lamp base include model airplanes and cars, a doll, doll house furniture, and any type of action figure. This is a low cost way to reuse an old toy.

    One of the options of decorating with a lamp is with a table top style lamp. This type of lamp you can put in any location in a home on top of a table and it will fit right in. You can place them on a table in a hallway, bedroom, living room, and even dining room. They have the ability to fit into any type of easily and with style while adding the adequate lighting for that space.

    An article by Fred Albert, "Before You Buy a Table lamp," on the site, reminded me of something important. "Make sure the lamp is correctly proportioned to the table on which it will be sitting." Albert also says the shade should not stick out beyond the edges of the table. I added these points to my list of requirements.

    A desk lamp is also necessary for doing different types of activities. They provide light for when you want to read or a table lamp can be used for doing homework or other types of activities. A lamp will not only provide the necessary light, but it will also add style to the room.

    One of the things that normally concern people who buy table lamps is the size of the table lamp. The general rule is that when you have a big area, you need to find a big lamp that will stand on a big table. The sizes should be directly proportionate to the area where the lamp will stay.

    The dining room walls are off-white and the table and chairs are brown.
    Tv Lamps Of The 1950’S – A Brief History might make the room look drab. To see how Glass Lamp Shades In Modern Decor – Modern Lighting Ideas would look I hung a pair of black slacks on the existing lamp. With my luck my husband would find me "dressing" the lamp and and wonder about my mental health. Was the search for the right lamp making me whacko?

    Classic Style- What we categorize as a classic lamp style is an item with the classic round, cone-shaped lamp shade and a normal base made of any material. These classic lamps are the most common and are found most commonly in family homes.

    For instance, some of Handel’s small and simple desk and simple piano lamps have recently sold for around $500. Generally the more complex ones sell for over $2,000. There are some rare ones that have sold for over $80,000.

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