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    The making of most Tiffany reproduction lamps use the same 100 year old technique (soldering 100`s of small pieces of colorful stained glass together) as original Tiffany lamps. Poor quality Tiffany lamps are made from pieces of colored plastic glued together. or made from poor quality glass.

    As I got older my parents prospered and suddenly lamp s began appearing in our lounge room. I have vivid memories of a bright orange colored lamp shade on a wooden lamp stand that took pride of place in our lounge for many years. However items like a desk lamp, a bedside lamp or a glass lamp shade never really became a big part of our home furnishings.
    How To Determine Correct Lamp Height For An End Table would shop for many things but exotic lighting with brightly colored lamp shades rarely made it onto her shopping list.

    Some people give the bottom diameter then the height, then the top. Some do it exactly the opposite. Others offer either the top or bottom measurements first then refer to the length of the shade meaning the angled side.

    Light the lamp and look at the glass. From Scraps To Gold And The History Of Tiffany Table Lamps of the appealing qualities of an original Tiffany is the glass quality and type. The colors of the glass should appear as different colors when the lamp is turned on. If you have a legitimate Tiffany Lamp, you should also notice that there will be random panes of glass on your lamp that have specs of different colors on them. Learn About 3 Different Types Of Modern Floor Lamps That You Can Buy is called confetti glass. More Tips: If you are thinking of buying a lamp because you suspect it is an authentic Tiffany Lamp or are told it is a Tiffany Lamp, do your due diligence and ask a ton of questions about it’s history and how the dealer obtained the lamp. If the person you are buying the lamp from is selling it as an authentic, be sure to get a written guarantee.

    If you have little space and are looking for a lamp that is adjustable and practical, then floor lamps are your best option. Floor lamps allow you to re-arrange them as you please. You can also easily move them in an area of the house which needs lighting. Floor lamps also help lighten a dark corner of your house.

    Your table lamp can be a great conversation piece when you have carefully chosen the style and theme that goes with the console table. Always consider the size and the color and make sure that they match. It is not good to have a big lamp standing on a small console table. The accent or the purpose of elegance and great look may be defeated.

    It wasn’t until I got married and left home that I discovered the world of lamps and what they can add to the house. Now we have multiple lounge lamps, bed side lamps and a lamp in my study.

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