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    Tips for using The masks and respirators safely and hygienically

    In the wake of COVID 19 and also a Global outbreak, people are panicked and are able to find the appropriate way to keep themselves and their families secure. One of the biggest ways to maintain oneself and others safe is by practicing social distancing. But other than that, cleanliness and hygiene is the best way to maintain safe. Among different matters like sanitizers and handwashes, face masks and Respirátory (respirators) are becoming a highly desired merchandise.

    What’s a face mask?

    Face masks are specifically made To halt the pathogens and dust from entering the nasal tract and mouth, before they have been worn by healthcare professionals that are always in the neighborhood of the infected people. But now, under the covid 19 attack, it is suggested that every person ought to choose to wear respirators and masks while going out.

    These masks are made using Medical grade substance that could work for longer hours with no decrease in its effectiveness. These masks have a minimum of 4 layers of protection that produce them 95% effective in blocking all the germs and pollens in the surrounding air.

    The way to use a mask?

    Putting to a mask-like FFP2 and disposing off them should be Done carefully to lessen the chances of disease. Few points that needs to be kept in mind are such as:

    • Most of the masks are disposable, so make it a point to get rid of them off after each use.

    • Always wash the hands thoroughly before placing a mask.

    • Never touch the outside of the mask whilst shooting it off, rather, opt to pull off the mask using the ear band and then directly dispose off it.

    • While wearing a mask, avoid touching the mask also often, and if you have to touch the mask, then sanitize your hands first.

    • Make sure that the mask is covering your nose and Mouth perfectly without any gap

    read here to get more info concerning Respirators (Respirátory).

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