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    Hi Liz,

    I still use Kokomo for some projects and have kept a lot of notes on what works and what doesn’t.  The reds, yellows, pinks & oranges all strike way to often so I don’t bother with any of those colors in the kiln.  Once in awhile a green will “split apart” for some reason at regular fusing temps but it does ok at tack fuse.  The 10% rule works great with most of the Kokomo, so I can use a small amount of dichro,coe 90 or fusible glass with the Kokomo and not have a problem.  Right now my student’s are making wind chimes, hummingbird feeders & yard ornaments out of Kokomo and not having any problems with it at all.  I have some I made a couple years ago that are still holding up real well.

    I  use it a lot with glass paints, mica, copper foil and rubber stamps and it turns out fantastic.  Much less expensive than using regular fusible glass and I get the same effect.  Makes wonderful Christmas ornaments, sun catchers & wind chimes.  I just stick with using one color and a clear cap with I need it, like if I use the mica or copper and even the pieces that are a couple years old are still looking good with no stress.

    In a pinch I have used it to make frit for glass clay and it has worked out just fine, couldn’t tell a bit of difference.  It has all been a matter of trial and error, but to me most fusing is. Wink

    If you have the Kokomo I say go ahead and experiment with it.  You will learn fast enough which ones work and which don’t. Keep good records and don’t get discouraged.  It’s probably easier for me since I can just run up to the factory and buy the .75 a pound scrap glass so I don’t feel like I have wasted much if something doesn’t work out.

    Right now I am using a a lot more slag glass from the old glass factories that use to be around here.  A lot of it comes up in people’s yards in all kinds of beautiful colors or along the river that I can pick up for free & we have a shop that sells it for $1.50 a pound in every color you can imagine.  It fuses up in the most amazing ways and I love that I am using recycled glass.

    Good luck playing with the Kokomo, please let me know how it goes.  If I can help in any way don’t hesitate to ask. Above all, have fun, you will outgrow that microwave kiln real fast, I have upgraded 3 times already and looking at a larger kiln in the next few months.



    Thank you all for your answers, I was following the instructions given to me by the person I purchased the kiln from.  Since I was clueless I just figured she would know since she had the kiln for a year. 

    I am now attempting to keep the kiln around 1450 to 1500.  It is not easy to control the temp with the power control box, it only has numbers on it like 1 2 3.  I was told to put it on 2 1/2 so I have been setting it on 2 and adjusting up or down from there.  Once it reaches the right temp it only takes about 20 min. to fuse.

    Actually Stephen, my glass was not in puddles, not sure how I got lucky but they looked very nice for a novice at kiln working.  This is a lot less work then mosaic but sure is more frustrating!

    Thanks again for all the help, I think I am starting to get the hang of it.



    Well I have done 2 loads in my kiln now and it is addicting.  I am waiting for kiln wash to dry on my kiln shelves now so I can try again.  The only problem I had was the kiln wash sticking to most of my pieces.  I think I was suppose to put them in the kiln and fire them for a bit b4 I put glass on them. 

    My first load came out with some absolutely beautiful cabs.  I made 5 necklaces so far and wore one of them on my round to pick up mosaic “junk” and already have people wanting to know if they can buy some or take a class.  My mosaic students are anxious to learn it now too.  At first they were worried I would do this full time and not teach mosaics anymore. 

    You won’t burn down the house and if you have a few pieces  turn out yucky the great thing about this we can have do overs.  I have a lot of sketches too, some way beyond what I can do right now but I will get there and so will you.  We will get through this together and end up doing all sorts of amazing things with our kilns.  I have faith in us!


    Hi, Sounds like we are starting out with new kilns together. So glad I am not the only one. 

    If you don’t have it here is the web site for the manufacturer of your kiln.

    Here is the email address, I imagine they would send you the instructions.  My kiln didn’t have any with it and I found it on their web site but mine is a Paragon.   800-AIM KILN (246-5456) or e-mail:

    Actually your kiln sounds a lot like mine after looking at it.   I had the instructions and was still afraid to use it LOL.  Now I am so excited with it I can’t make myself get back to work on the mosaic orders I have for Christmas!


    Well I am setting the BCP-1 on 21/2 then proping the lid for about 10 min. until it reaches 750 degrees,  Then I close the lid and set the timer for 35 min.  It is about 1800 degrees when I turn it off and prop the lid again so it can get back to room temp.  I wait about an hour and take my items out of the kiln once it gets to about 200 degrees.

    That is what I was told to do by the person I bought the kiln from.  I used it again yesterday and the same thing happened, all but 1 item has kiln wash stuck to it.  It isn’t to darn easy to get off either. 

    Is there a difference between the kiln wash used for ceramics and glass?  I bought the kiln wash at a ceramic shop.  She has the same kiln I do and said it was what she used but she doesn’t know anything about glass fusing.

    I appreciate any help on this.  I have a list of questions to ask here soon LOL. 


    Well I did it and now I love my new kiln LOL.  2 kiln loads today and the only problem I had was the kiln wash or what ever it is called stuck to most of my fused pieces.  So far the kokom is turning out fine.   I will be careful to test it before doing anything important with other glass though.

    I am actually very proud of what I got done today.  Thank you for encouraging me to just do it. I hope I can pull myself away from the kiln and get all my Christmas mosaic orders done on time. 

    I do think I will use the microwave kiln for testing, will be much faster that way.


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