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    Again and again, the newspapers report the combination of burglary and rape: "The accused is strongly suspected of having invaded two unlocked apartments in the 3rd and 16th districts late at night and raped two women (61, 63) , In addition, the defendant has robbed the 63-year-old victim also.

    In the course of extensive investigations, the officers were able to establish that the accused on 23.07.2019 – before the offense against his 63-year-old victim – has entered several unobstructed apartments. There, however, the tenants managed to force the accused out of their homes before committing further judicial offenses. "


    "The police arrested a man who had broken into several apartments on Saturday after intensive search. In one case he had attacked a woman. Witnesses found them covered in blood on the street. A little later it turned out that at least six more burglaries and attempted burglaries had occurred in this area. The police found that a man had broken into the woman’s apartment and tried to rape her. Apparently, the culprit was very brutal.
    schlüsseldienst wien, had severely bleeding facial injuries. "

    According to police crime statistics, e.g. In Germany, 9,234 cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual assault were recorded. For example, the darkfield study Schleswig-Holstein states that there must be more victims in reality. Only eight percent of sexual offenses are reported.

    The following are the most important tips from Thomas Ernst, Head of Favorable Locksmith Vienna, who minimize the risk of rape and burglary:

    Always close the windows, balcony and patio doors even in the case of a short absence.

    Tilted windows are virtually open windows and easily opened by burglars.

    Shutters should be closed at night – and never during the day – so they do not immediately report their absence.

    Protect yourself additionally with professional mechanical burglar alarms.

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