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    7 Awfully Easy Ways for Parents to Boost Their Income – Part 1

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    7 Awfully Easy Ways for Parents Work From Home and Boost Their Family Income.

    In these tough times, parents are stressed and worried. Their jobs are at stake, earnings are slashed, and still they have to raise children, pay rents and bills and feed the family.

    To help parents trapped in such circumstances, I’ve researched ‘parents working from home’ for weeks, checked many sites, read lots of reviews, and then made this video.

    My focus was to keep these earning opportunities as simple and easy as possible – so that busy parents can manage to work on them and get benefit.

    Here is the summary of ‘7 easy ways for busy parents to boost their family income’:

    Parents working from home have these 7 earning opportunities.

    1. Paid for Searching Online
    Who doesn’t search online these days? Following are three best sites who pay you if you search online through them.
    a. Swagbucks
    b. Qmee
    c. Inbox Dollars

    2. Review Websites for Cash
    Can you visit a website, check its working, and analyze it? If yes, these three best companies pay you up to $20 for 20 to 30 minute work.
    a. User Testing
    b. Testing Time
    c. Try My UI

    3. Be a Transcriptionist
    Who is transcriptionist? One who listens audio and convert them into written text. If you think, you have this ability (is it really difficult?) then you can apply to these four top-rated companies:
    a. Rev
    b. Go Transcript
    c. Scribie
    d. Transcribe Me

    4. Get Paid to Listen Music
    Is That Possible? Yes, it seems strange but that’s true.
    Three Best and legitimate sites for this are:
    a. Music Xray
    b. Radio Loyalty
    c. Slice The Pie

    For other 3 earning opportunities (remember .. title is ‘7 easy ways for parents..’ either watch the part 2 of this video or read full blog post here:

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