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    How to Use Classic XL Extender Pump?

    This male vacuum pump is 11” deep, 2.75″ wide and you can keep track of your progress through its clear black ABS plastic chamber. It is super comfortable to use with a safety release valve to make sure no harm and discomfort will come to your beloved dick! It also includes a free silicone penis ring for additional fun and stimulation. Whether you need a pump to help with erectile dysfunction or solely for pleasure, Classic XL Extender Pump is sure to deliver results in a most hassle-free way. Uncomplicated and efficient, that’s how it works. use coupon code HOWTO50 upon checkout to enjoy up to 50% discount on almost any single item + Free Discreet Shipping + Free 3 Hot DVDs and a Mystery gift when you order at Adam and Eve- America’s Best Sex Toys Store!

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