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    Callan Consulting has been supplying executive-level marketing and advertising consulting solutions to technology corporations since 2000. Decades of encounter in consulting in the field of Seo, we have a confirmed track record of success, achieving each target set by our customers, even in the most competitive sectors. When we apply frameworks and methodologies primarily based on established digital marketing ideal practices, we also recognize that each project and every single client is exceptional.

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    Thanks to digital advertising and marketing, we can fine-tune campaigns to certain audiences, with an right away measurable ROI. Applying insight we’ve gained throughout the approach, we’ll provide a content calendar that’s aligned with your customers’ journeys, such as visual content material such as infographics, video, and animations.

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    As an independent researcher and in collaboration with Gallup, Zogby and other firms, Mel’s marketplace and organization investigation fueled the creation of proprietary marketing, human sources and client solutions applications which includes customer affinity profiles on 150 international brands.

    In addition, I am currently in the organizing stages for a book designed to let the compact business owner profit from big small business brand marketing and advertising techniques. An productive brand positioning technique will maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, in maximizing brand value.

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