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    But with regard to cancer, experts believe that the causes are complex and diverse partially understood. Cancer is a term for a large group of diseases that has resulted in the formation of unregulated cell growth tumors that can penetrate into a certain area and the neighboring parts of the body. There are different treatments and therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, etc. Available to cure the effects of cancer and reduce, but it depends a lot on the type, stage of diagnosis and health of a person.

    Drugs used primarily to treat cancer and cancer to reduce pain (one of the most common symptoms in cancer patients), and the side effects of current treatments. Usually it is to reduce and inhibit enzymes that help in the spread of cancer cells. These drugs limit the synthesis of new DNA strands that prevent the reproduction of cells, such as cell reproduction of one of the main reasons for tumor growth.

    It is the reason for hair loss (also known as alopecia) observed in people receiving cancer treatment because hair growth requires the frequent development of new cells. Anti-cancer drugs also works in the collapse of mitotic spindles, which acts as a molecular pathway when a cell tends to divide into new cells.

    Mitotic is a process in which a single cell is divided into two identical cells having the same number of chromosomes and the genetic content of the original cell. There are many types of drugs used in the treatment of cancer are generally affected by the type of facility. For example, estrogen may be the reason for breast cancer stimulation. Therefore, it can be treated with a drug that inactivates sex hormones in women. Another similar example, the treatment of prostate cancer can be a drug that is capable of inactivating the male sex hormone androgens.

    Although there are over
    Chemotherapy Drugs of drugs used in the treatment of cancer, there are three main categories – cytotoxic drugs, hormone therapy and targeted therapies.

    Cytotoxic drugs are what is commonly called chemotherapy. Usually occurs as a liquid in a vein, circulating cancer cells in sections of the blood stream (tablets, capsules, etc.) can also be used at certain times.

    Targeted therapies are relatively new treatment groups and relatively less impact on normal cell growth and cytotoxic drugs. However, there are side effects associated with targeted therapies and they are usually used in combination with chemotherapy.

    With the steady development in the medical industry, researchers develop this type of anticancer drugs comparatively lesser side effects and have greater efficacy than currently used by patients.

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