• "The world is a theater, actors, people who in turn come and go" – William Shakespeare, Caden Cotard (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a New York theater director with a desire to reference spectacular professional success, leads stable life: he has a wife Adele (Catherine Keener), which is the avant-garde an artist and a young daughter. Happy life, it is…[Read more]

  • Poland a few years may be boldly called "the land of romantic comedies."

    Since the great success of "Never in my life," we’re shooting it without a break, one after the other, on the Band.

    Just a few days ago she had its premiere the film "again", rolled up his sleeves and set off to the cinema for a meeting with a very well known to me the…[Read more]

  • the first temptation of christ movie online

    The genesis of the movie title is the Polish city – Legnica, where his time stationed Soviet troops.

    Soldiers and their families came in droves to the Polish and that he is very reluctant to leave our country, is another matter, but did not blame them. SoĊ‚datów The pressure was so great that all…[Read more]

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