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    Keeping track of antidepressant persistant side effects

    There is a Large number of individuals of the world that require antidepressants for various reasons. There are many reasons that people might take antidepressants for, generally as an accompaniment to counselling or treatment, ranging from moderate to severe depression. Most people improve with drugs easily and depression can be treated 80%-90% of their time with drugs and treatment. The most typical form of antidepressants which are taken are called SSRIs or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. The manner that SSRIs function is by making nitric oxide more sensitive and preventing reuptake from the synapse. Depression is often associated with problems with brain chemistry, particularly with the production and absorption of dopamine. SSRIs are now thought of one of the most common treatments for depression and compared to other antidepressant persistant side effects, SSRIs have much fewer and comparatively manageable side effects which can be reduced by lowering or altering dosage.

    However, among the Most common and rarely discussed side-effect of SSRIs is antidepressant sexual dysfunction. Many people who take SSRIs have reported sexual encounters to be less pleasurable, numbing in genital areas, and reduced sex drive. These symptoms vary according to individuals when taking SSRIs but it is a persistent complication that many men and women who take SSRIs experience. Though there exists no system to assign a diagnosis, the phenomenon of experiencing sexual issues after SSRI use is termed as Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction or simply PSSD and is experienced by both men and women after continuing use of SSRIs.

    When it comes ssri sexual dysfunction, there are certain symptoms which are common Such as reduced sexual drive and reduced tactile sensation in the genitals. There are symptoms that are specific for men and women such as erectile dysfunction and reduced nipple sensitivity. This is due to the fact that an increase in serotonin can affect the production of hormones and hormones that are responsible for sexual functioning such as testosterone and dopamine. Testosterone and Dopamine are both responsible for sexual functions such as arousal and achieving orgasm and in case that they are influenced, sexual acts are also disrupted.

    But Many remedies exist for antidepressant sexual dysfunction which Range from altering dosage and drugs to taking an antidote. Normally, symptoms may also resolve spontaneously so it’s far better to wait some time unless symptoms and acute and extremely debilitating. More frequently than not, carefully lowering the dose can decrease side effects such as sexual dysfunction to some large extent while maintaining the efficacy of medicine. From time to time, there’s a likely chance that the symptoms existed before using SSRIs and will be resolved with time. But, changing drugs and lowering dosage is usually the recommended method of treating SSRI induced sexual dysfunction.

    However, like all other medicines, SSRIs also have some antidepressant persistant side effects that can range from insomnia and headaches to sexual dysfunction. For more details kindly visit
    antidepressant sexual dysfunction.

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