• Thanks Paul. I did try that the decorative pieces on the top did not contour enough. The edges did not round out. The pieces are 3 mm thick with one 4 mm on top of the 12 mm slab. The annealing chart for 38 mm ( uneven pieces suggest to double thickness on chart only goes to 900 degrees which seems too low for a contour tack. Sorry I am truly a…[Read more]

  • I have fired a 8 x 10 slab 12 mm thick and now I want to tack fuse small pieces on top. I used the 12 mm tack/fire polish schedule and the pieces are not soft edged enough. Your schedule doesn’t go past 12 mm and I am realizing that I should of used a 36 mm thickness schedule. I am not sure how to get there. Of course I am new at this firing b…[Read more]

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