• When removing and replanting perennials, it is important to replenish the soil as well. If
    Use These Tips To Become Skilled At Organic Gardening remove a large number of perennials, and then replant them without adding additional compost and soil, the bed will be lower, reducing drainage and air circulation. Also, the compost will replace…[Read more]

  • When digging holes for your plants, don’t be a neat freak. Don’t dig holes that are perfect, with sides that are as smooth as can be. You are actually making it more difficult for the root system of the new plant to take hold in the soil. For best results, keep your holes a little messy.

    Flush your plants with water if the rim of the pot or top…[Read more]

  • You don’t have to grow an organic garden exactly like a professional to fully enjoy it. You can grow a garden your way, so long as it employs the basics of organic gardening that can actually help your plants grow. Try looking at the tips below. They can give you some more helpful advice.

    If you are going to be doing a lot of work in your…[Read more]

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