• I will manage it to get a minimum of 1 inche from the element to the mould or the glass. This will allows a good heat circulation around the piece.

  • I never use pre-programmed schedule… so, I can not help.
    When writing my schedule, I first fix the higher temperature I need to work, then I build a schedule to get the glass up to there, then to hold it the time needed to do the whole job, then I build the third part of the schedule to get safely the piece of glass down to the ground…[Read more]

  • I do that in my electric kiln: place the piece of metal on top of the glass and do a total fusion. The metal will end inside the glass. Ajusting the temp. and the time will vary the deep of the metal in the glass.
    I don’t know about microwave; but as many microwave accept metal, I guess it should be possible to get similar.

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