Setting Up the Weights

Coat your second shelf with shelf primer and place it (primer down) on top of your glass as shown:

Kiln Pressed Glass: Top Shelf Placement

Make sure that the shelf is either below the thermocouple (the small metal rod that sticks out of the wall of your kiln) or, if it is above the thermocouple, that there is no chance of it hitting the thermocouple as the glass melts and the shelf moves down.

If you have stacked the glass as described, with there being at least three, equally tall stacks, the shelf should be level.

Now place your weights on top of the shelf.  Old pieces of kiln shelf, high density fire bricks and kiln furniture are all suitable.  Do not use stones!  Stones can contain water that expands when heated, causing the stone to explode.

Here’s our top shelf loaded with weights:

Kiln Pressed Glass: Weight Placement

We are ready to go!

Close the kiln and fire as explained on the next page.


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