Setting Up the Glass

The setup for our project is includes a lot of clear glass and some strategically placed transparent colors.  One of the best parts about kiln-pressed glass is that transparent colors that often seem too dark to be useful in typical fused glass projects dilute to wonderful hues in kiln pressed glass.

Kiln Pressed Glass: Glass Setup

When stacking your pieces of glass, make sure that there are three or more equal high points.  This ensures that the top kiln shelf is level when placed on the glass.

Although not required, the base piece of glass makes it easy to build your piece and move to the kiln.  It will also help you to achieve the smoothest possible surface after firing.  In this example, the base is about 6 inches across.

Place your setup on a freshly primed (kiln washed) shelf as shown:

Kiln Pressed Glass: Glass on Shelf

Note the fiber paper strips that have been placed near the edge of the shelf.  The height of the fiber paper (once fired) will determine the thickness of your final piece.

We are now ready for the top shelf and weights.


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