Project Step 3: Fire

Stack the glass so that the blasted surfaces are placed against each other:

Irid-on-Irid technique

Align the edges:

Irid-on-Irid technique

Full fuse the glass on a shelf using only shelf primer. Do not use any shelf or fiber paper! Shelf paper and fiber paper create carbon when they burn. That fine ash can become trapped in the ground, sandblasted surface. When that happens, the project takes on an unpleasant gray hazing near the edges.

Here’s the firing schedule, using Fahrenheit:

1200° F / hr1225° F30 minutes
2FULL1450° F20 minutes
3FULL950° F45 minutes
4100° F / hr725° Fnone

Here it is using Celsius:

1111° C / hr663° C30 minutes
2FULL768° C20 minutes
3FULL510° C45 minutes
456° C / hr385° Cnone


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