Puddle Cabochons

Small chunks of glass, when fired to a full fuse, melt and round out in the much the same way a small, melting chunk of ice turns into a round drop of water. To create our cabochons (round, unfaceted “stones”), simply arrange chunks of your puddle on a kiln-washed shelf.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t use shelf paper or fiber paper since both will interfere with the flow of glass and the rounding of your cabochons.
  • Take a picture of your pieces before and after firing.  This will teach you how to get different styles of stripes by changing how the chunks are placed on the shelf.
  • Stacking small puddle pieces on larger ones before firing can provide interesting results.

Before firing, your kiln shelf should look something like this:

Fused glass cabochons ready to fire

And here is a close up:

Close up!

Fire using this schedule:

1500° F / hr1000° Fnone
2FULL1500° F30 minutes
3FULL950° F30 minutes
4300° F / hr725° Fnone


Once the firing is complete, your kiln should now be loaded with goodies like these:
Cabochons are all fired!
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