Step 2: Pendant Strips

The next step is to cut some strips of glass for the bodies of our pendants. The for the pendants shown here each strip is about two inches long.

I’ve placed the red and green striped bead on a narrow strip of Bullseye’s light aventurine. I’ve also added some small red beads to the design. These tiny beads are made the same way the focal beads were made – by heating the glass (single pieces of course red frit in this case) until each piece flows into a tiny sphere.

For the second pendant, the gold colored bead is on top of a thin piece of dichro which is on top of a piece of amber glass that narrows at the top. You cannot see the transparent dichro very clearly in the photo below. It will be more obvious after we fire it.

The blue glass doesn’t use any of our focal beads – instead it is sprinkled with small chips of dichroic scrap.

Fused Glass Pendants - Prefired Pendant Strip

To attach the focal beads to the pendant strips I “soft” fuse them – more than a tack fuse but not quite a full fuse. The 2 layer soft firing schedule on this site will work fine (though it is more conservative than required).

And here are the results:

Fused Glass Pendants - Fired Pendant Strip

Those are pretty cool – but we still need to bend them over.  To learn how click on the link below for the next step ‘Understanding the Double Slump”.

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