Step 4: The First Bend

Here’s the setup for slumping the first bend:

Fused Glass Pendants - Ready for the First Bend

Here’s another view:

Fused Glass Pendants - Ready for the First Bend

Two things to note about this setup:

  • We are using a piece of half-inch fiber board under the pendants and we have cut the end at an angle (so the end of the pendant can drop straight down) like this:

    Fused Glass Pendants - The First Bend
    Pay close attention to the thick black line – that’s our angle.

  • The fronts of the pendants are resting on fiber blanket – that helps cushion the focal beads so they aren’t pressed up against the fiber board where they are more likely to pick up surface texture. A little texture is okay, though, since our final firing will fire polish the piece.

Several layers of pre-fired fiber paper can be used in place of the fiber blanket.

Okay – we are ready to slump the strips. We will use the two layer slumping schedule on this site – as before, this schedule is extremely conservative for this firing. If you make a lot of these you can run some tests in your kiln to find out how fast you can speed this up.

And here’s the result!

Fused Glass Pendants - The First Bend Complete

We are almost there!

Now for the second bend…


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