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    Hi – I am fairly new to fusing but have been working with stained and painted glass for 6-7 years. I know when I order glass online (I’m in the UK and we do not have a very big selection of suppliers) that sometimes what I see on the website is not exactly what I receive in the post so I’m always prepared for slight variations in what I actually receive but it’s usually recognisable as what I’ve ordered

    However I have just received some Youghiogheny Opal glass which is utterly different from what I expected. It’s not opal for a start but translucent and most of the colours are clear or very faint. For example I was expecting an opal orange – so no light transmitted through the glass and a fairly deep orange colour. What I’ve actually received is a slightly yellowy/clear translucent glass which bears no resemblance whatsoever to what was indicated on the website. Am I missing something here? – does it change when you fire it for example? If so, how on earth do you work with it when it all looks the same??


    A couple of years ago, I worked with Youghiogheny fusible and I have to say the colours change a lot when fired.  If I were you I’d start with testing all the colours with a firing.  You’ll see what the results might surprise you.



    Thanks. I did just that – fired some sample pieces. I happened to be doing a slump firing (float) so stuck some samples in. They did indeed change to what I had originally expected.

    Still not sure how to work with them as the colours are completely absent pre-firing. It will mean being super organised I guess and not getting them mixed up!

    thanks for for your reply – much appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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