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    Hi, there. I’m relatively new to fused glass (I’ve been working with hot glass for years). I got a Paragon Sentry Express 4.0 and have been experimenting. I had one lesson so I wouldn’t blow up the house, but have been learning so much online (this site (and forum in partifular) are great). I’m trying out mica powder. I just did a firing and had a great result with silver mica on a transparent blue, but the gold mica on black didn’t work — the black “ate” the powder. I’m wondering if I could re-fire this piece and try the mica powder effect again. Maybe do a tack fuse? Is there anything I can do with this piece? Open to any and all suggestions! I’m using 96 COE.  Thanks!


    I have had very good success with mica on black (better than transparent), so I’m surprised that it faded. In most of my pieces, the mica has been on clear, and the clear is placed on the black. Here is a blog post where the mica is on TOP of the clear, and it is fired on black.

    I also have another blog post: :

    I hope you find these helpful.

    Best, Dana

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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