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    I have noticed that many people fuse wire or jump ring part in a pendant and part out to create a loop avoiding the need for a bail. I like this idea and have tried it. My main problem is the sterling silver changes color when in the kiln and I would like to get the exposed wire back to the silver look. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?



    Elbow grease (or a good Dremel with a wire brush) might be your best bet. Buffing compounds on a buffing wheel might work, but I haven’t tried that approach. Be careful about using a pickle on the firescale — it could etch the glass.

    Have you considered using stainless steel wire? It usually takes a uniform dark color inside and outside of the piece and seems to be as hard as when it went in.



    I have used pickle on sterling loops in glass. The only problem I have had is when there is exposed irid.  Regular glass or dichro have not had problems. It is far easier to use a dremmel or foredom, but pickle does work.

    Barry Kaiser



    try fine silver wire instead of sterling; it doesn’t change color


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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