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    In the studio we have a Glastar foot-peddle operated pressure pot for sandblasting.

    About a week ago it started leaking air (but no grit) through the nozzle even when nobody was using it.

    Turns out there is a thick rubber diaphragm in the “switch” that the foot peddle operates.  With the foot peddle NOT depressed, the air flow pushes the diaphragm so that it closes the airway that carries the grit.  Stepping on the peddle cuts of the air and the diaphragm opens and air (and grit) flow freely.

    Well, after 5+ years of use (including 18 months heavy usage in the studio) the diaphragm sprung a small leak.

    Kudos to Glastar for 1) having a human answer the phone after the second ring and then 2) getting me to another human who knew exactly what the problem was and 3) charging me less than $10 for a pack of 3 extra diaphragms.

    – Paul


     Glastar is an awesome company…generous in all meanings of the word!

    And I am devoted to their grinders…

    Crazy Woman

    I’m with ya!  Kudos for Glastar for answering their own phones!  Nothing bugs me more than outsourcing to another country!

    Glad it was an easy fix!  Happy sandblasting…. (need to add to my list of tools …. )

    Crazy Woman


    Why can’t things ever work like that for me? I’d be on hold for an hour only to be disconnected so I could either give up or hold another hour just to have someone charge me 500$. kudos to you and glastar:)

    Steve Immerman

    I had a similar situation last month, but by fiddling around with the blaster, it eventually fixed itself, and has been OK so far. I guess I better get some new diaphragms since I may have a similar problem. Thanks for mentioning this.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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