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    Just curious – what glass-related gifts are people hoping for this holiday season?


    P.S. Feel free to also share if you have been naughty or nice Tongue out


    A workbench. I am avoiding work by thinking up and designing a new workbench– should I use a metal frame for stability and put glass storage shelves on the ends? Can I color code my glass bins and put a drawer or four on the workbench to aid in storage? Sometimes it is much nicer to dream of what could be rather than deal with reality.

    My former workbench is too small for some of the work I want to do (I do stained glass panels, too) and I enjoy Pate de Verre/kiln casting, so this is going to be a workbench where I can do all these things as well as fusing and glass painting.

    I’ve got the tools, I’m just tired of having to move things to work on projects.


    Pam B

    Pam B

    Metal industrial shelving units with wood shelves works great.( they run around $89.00) I split them into 2 and place them side by side instead of stacking them.  On one I have 2 shop light flourescent light fixtures that fit right on top with daylight bulbs. A shelf is placed slightly below the top to hold them.  Plexiglass is on top of the shoplights and a layer of  thin white plastic under.  now I have a 4′ x 4′ light table. LOVE IT  On one side I use the shelves underneath for boxes unfinished panels etc.. On the other wood dowels  through holes drilled in the shelves  hold glass perfectly.  The other unit has a 4 x4′ piece of wood on top with more glass storage and shelves under.  You can adapt this anyway you want by the size of shelving you decide to use

    I also have two more single units for equipment with the storage under  and over the space left for my gringers etc.  I got this idea from a friend and love the whole set up




    I asked Santa for an new kiln.  Seems like everything I want to try is just a bit larger than my 15″space in the one I have.  Does anyone have recommendations for Santa and me on the best all round size to get?  I want to do some large bowls and platters, along with light sconces.




    The Paragon Fusion 10 is a great, general purpose kiln – and a great value.


    I’m a big fan of Paragon – for all the reasons here:


    We run them 24x7x365 at Helios.


    Helios Kiln Glass Studio


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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