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    I was given a Gryphon wet belt sander for Xmas. Its a very poor piece of equipment! The thing will never be right because the central pillar that everything is attached to is not a square extrusion. Its meant to be but their quality control is either none existent or they accept inferior extrusions. Perhaps they are menat to machine it square but they have not in my case. Obviously there is therefore no way it will ever run smooth or have anything square without major alterations. However it will always run with more vibration than necessary. After using a ‘proper’ one on a recent cold working course its very disappointing. So back to the window glass & the grit!


    I get the terrible vibrations with my small Gryphon as well.  I was wondering if it would help to somehow bolt it down to releive the vibrations.  I am afraid to use it because of the vibrations and my glass.  Has anyone tried this or been able to solve the vibrations?


    The whole thing is so out of whack I intend dismantling it and rebuilding it properly adjusting things to square & in line as I go. Then I will report on results. There is no point in sending it back for a replacement of the same. If when I de-couple the drive I run the motor & it vibrates then its junk.


    So I dismantled it & re-built it with everything as in line as I could get it. Let me say right now to expect a motor of this power to have just 2 – end mounting screws with no other support is crazy. What engineer designed that?

    I made a makeshift cradle from rubber that supports the switch end of the motor. Needs to have some give so rubber ideal & I did not want to add to vibration.

    I then fixed the aluminium pillar thats central to the machine so that it was square to the motor shaft & perpendicular to the base. There is too much play in its mounting  too. Yes just 2 screws with no register pins for example that would keep it aligned. I could not find a way round that other than tightening the screws which I may say were not that tight. If over time I have problems I will pin the pillar to the base or fit right angled brackets to keep it in place.

    Then I squared the steel plate you hold your glass against by fitting a shim between it and the pillar on one side. Finally I had kept the foam packing base, sat it on that but it made no difference.

    Its better I must say but you need some engineering skills to do what I did & thats not what you expect, is it?

    I did make a mod that helped the water spray on your eyes. I found my saftey goggles getting sprayed so much I could not see. Adjusting water level did not help so I make a clear plastic visor, duct taped to the top housing at about 45 angle. Works great!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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