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    I use a lot of powdered frit in my pieces.  I use a stainless steel blender to make my own frit and have a 5 screen frit stainless steel frit sifter that’s fantastic (I use a hepa filter vac held at the blender and sifter along with a dust mask through the whole process until the frit is in it’s jars). I start with super clean glass and I use a strong cow magnet to get any metal bits that might be left in the frit and don’t have any spots or debris on my pieces when they’re fired but I do get devit once in a while in those areas and my guess is it’s because the frit isn’t cleaned.  How do I clean it?  I can run water through the frit in the sifter easily enough, or even a cleaning solution and rinse, but the powders that come through the final screen would just wash away and I don’t want to lose them. I thought about adding cleaning solution or water to the final powder left in the bottom bowl and swriling a bit, letting it settle for a few minutes then dumping the water and blotting dry, adding a bit of denatured alcohol to aid in drying then dumping on paper towels to complete drying, but I’m afraid the powder is so fine it would just stick to the paper towels. I thought about adding a little cleaning solution/water to the blender before pouring through the sifter, but I still wind up with the same dilemna of a powder soup left in the bottom pan that I have to solve.  Any ideas from the experts here that you’d like to share?




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    I use coffee filters and just let them air dry. Powder needs stirring on occasion.

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