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    Is there a way to get a glossy finish on a bowl that I made in a drop mold then cut off the rim….Cold-worked the cut-off edge but that left a matte finish.  Can’t fire-polish because it would ruin the slump.  Obviously can’t fire polish before slumping because I need the rim to keep it on the mold.  There must be a way to do this but I’m too much of a beginner to know what it is.

    Many thanks


    More coldworking Smile. With cerium oxide, you can get the surface to a pretty nice finish. It is, however, some work to do by hand.

    You might want to pick up a copy of Coldworking WIthout Machines, by Paul Tarlow (the owner of this list). http://coldworkingglass.com/ Lots of good info.

    Dana W.

    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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