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    Has anyone used white glue on a dichroic surface, capped with clear and have the piece come out well? I know the glue burns off, but am not sure if it will on a dicro surface. I want to have the cap not slide off during the fusing process (due to the glass being uneven and different thicknesses). Thanks for the input!

    Stephen Richard

    First, dichoric is not glass, it is a metal and so resists fusing to glass.  The cap will have nothing to stick to in the fusing process unless you remove some of the dichoric, especially at the edges.  The glass will behave like two separate pieces of 3mm glass and try to draw up to a thicker piece.

    Second, the glue burns off much earlier than the glass begins to stick. the glue will burn off at about 200-300 C.  The glass does not begin to stick until about 600-670C. 

    So you need to make sure your stack or lay up of glass is stable before you begin to fire it.  This can be done by adding pieces of clear to support cantilevered pieces, for example.

    Stephen Richard

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    I have never had any problem with dichroic being capped.  I don’t grind off the edges like Stephen mentioned.  I do, however,, make the clear a “hair or two” larger than my piece.

    If you have  glass that is uneven and different thicknesses, then, the capping layer will slide, even with glue..   You may want to try fusing them together first to even the surface area, then do a cap as a second firing.




    If you use it, only use a very small amount. I ruined a whole batch of pendants once. They all had discolored spots on them. It took me a moment to figure out why and then it dawned on me. Every dot of glue left a discolored spot right in the middle of the piece. I don’t use glue at all now. I can see with the textured dichro a little tiny dab would help. I think you can even dilute the glue a bit. Hope that helps.


    I’ve used cheap hairpray to hold clear glass to the dichroic without any staining/spotting. I use only a drop or so if I need to hold something in place.  And I always use slightly larger clear tops over the dichroic to “cement” the piece together.



    Ditto the hairspray. An “el cheapo” bottle of pump hairspray runs about a buck. Will give you a lifetime supply and it works great.

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