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    Hello, I hope someone can answer my question.  I just put a plate in my kiln that has an adhesive backed copper foil leaf in between two BE layers.  I have used copper foil in the past but this stuff I just bought from a different supplier and just now realized it is adhesive backed (after already loading the kiln).  I used four small pieces of clear glass at each corner to hep with bubble sqeeze and venting,  do you think this will work out; has any one any experience with this technique?

    Thanks, Debbie

     UPDATE;  Just took my piece out of the kiln and it actually turned out great.  I think the secret was putting small pieces of clear glass at each corner to help allow fumes to escape from between the layers of glass.  Now I hope it survives the slumping stage.

    Stephen Richard

    I think your success was due to the frit at the edges to allow the burn-out of the adhesive.

    In general, do not use foil with adhesive, especially in sheet form.  It turns everything black and blows big bubbles usually.

    Stephen Richard

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    glad this worked for you.  made some tiles earlier this year purposely using sticky back inbetween, and did get bubbles that actually turned out attractive.  didn’t mind the cu turning black, but will try it with some spacers next time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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